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Latest DVD Reviews Genre: drama



This film made it on numerous Best of 2012 lists, and deservedly so, as it is a quiet, thought-provoking masterpiece. The only crime is that it there are no plans for a U.S. Blu-ray release.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - April 17, 2013, 6:28 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: backpacking, engaged, shattering



I'm not sure how this, Ridley Scott's first film, never made it onto my radar, but what better way to watch it for the first time than via this potentially excellent new Blu-ray disc from Shout Factory.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - March 10, 2013, 4:59 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: officers, duels, passion



An indelible piece of pop culture. The greatest movie ever made about movies. Maybe even the greatest movie ever made, full stop. On a sweet new Blu-ray.


Posted by: Jon Danziger - November 26, 2012, 2:06 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: sunset boulevard, norma desmond, billy wilder, paramount



On the surface, it's difficult to believe that this is a Luc Besson film. I've repeatedly read over the cover and the booklet inside, and I still don't see anything that suggests Besson's involvement. This mystery, alone, makes this a must-see in my book.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - October 5, 2013, 10:34 am - DVD Review
Keywords: burma, regime, devotion



We all know the story, and a whole heck of a lot of us saw the movie 15 years ago, but, unless you caught it earlier this year in theaters, you've never see a giant ship in 3D before. Well, folks, now's your chance!


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - October 4, 2012, 7:36 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: epic, tragedy, love



Yes, folks, even seemingly ageless actors like Rutger Hauer get older, but he seems to be aging gracefully, leading up this fictionalized version of the most publicized abduction to ever occur in the Netherlands.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - December 1, 2012, 5:13 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: beer, kidnap, notorious

DVD Review: 8:46


11 years after 9/11, the horrors continue to linger. Films are still being made about this unforgettable tragedy, and this certainly sounds like one of the more memorable ones.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - October 5, 2012, 7:27 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: fateful, terror, bravery



Academy Award Winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black takes his first crack at directing a feature film here. Here's hoping a great ensemble cast and interesting subject matter makes this a compelling debut.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - August 26, 2012, 6:48 am - DVD Review
Keywords: secrets, mormon, disturbed



Abel Ferrara hasn't made a great film in quite some time, but all signs point to this being a return to form for the director. The presence of the always-reliable Willem Dafoe certainly doesn't hurt.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - July 28, 2012, 9:35 am - DVD Review
Keywords: panic, seclude, doomed



I haven't seen this wonderful film since its first home video release, and I can't wait to relive that experience all over again. Steven Soderbergh has come a long way since, but this is still regarded as one of his best works.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - July 8, 2012, 11:23 am - DVD Review
Keywords: raconteurs, monologue, brilliant



This wonderful, emotionally balanced film was criminally ignored during it's brief, extremely limited theatrical run. There's no excuse to miss it on Blu-ray though, as the leads are fantastic and the story is beyond compelling.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - June 28, 2012, 8:26 am - DVD Review
Keywords: feeling, epidemic, sensory perceptions



While I'm not sure the masses were clamoring for a biopic about the infamous lead singer of 80s Pop group Culture Club, this flick promises to tell us everything we ever wanted to know about Boy George, and then some.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - June 17, 2012, 10:39 am - DVD Review
Keywords: drugs, fashion, glamour, music

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Blackboard JungleWarner Home VideoNot Rated1955
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Black NarcissusThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1947
The Black OrchidParamount StudiosNot Rated1959
Black Snake MoanParamount Home VideoR2007
Black Snake Moan HD-DVDParamount Home VideoR2007
Black Test CarFantoma FilmsNot Rated1962
BlissColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1997
Blood and SandKino on VideoNot Rated1922
Blood DiamondWarner Home VideoR2006
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Brokeback MountainUniversal Studios Home VideoR2005
Brokedown PalaceFox Home EntertainmentPG-131999
Broken BlossomsKino on VideoNot Rated1919
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Broken VesselsUnapix EntertainmentR1998
Brooklyn BabylonArtisan Home EntertainmentR2000
Brooklyn RulesTH!INKFilmR2007
Brother JohnColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131970
The BrothersColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
Brother Sun, Sister MoonParamount StudiosPG1972
The Browning VersionThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1951
BrubakerFox Home EntertainmentR1980
Brush with FateArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2003
The Bucket List (Blu-ray)Warner Home VideoPG-132007
The Business of StrangersMGM Studios DVDR2001
Bus StopFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1956
The Butcher BoyWarner Home VideoR1998
CadenceArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-131991
California SplitColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1974
Caligula: The Imperial Edition (Blu-Ray)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1979
Caligula: Three-Disc Imperial EditionImage EntertainmentNot Rated1979
A Canterbury TaleThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1944
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Captain Corelli's MandolinUniversal Studios Home VideoR2001
The Captive (La Captive)Image EntertainmentNot Rated2000
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The CarpetbaggersParamount StudiosPG1964
Carrie (1952)Paramount StudiosNot Rated1952
Casablanca: SEWarner Home VideoPG1943
Casablanca (Ultimate Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray)Warner Home VideoPG1943
Cash CropArtisan Home EntertainmentR1998
John Cassavetes: Five Films (Shadows / Faces / A Woman Under the Influence / The Killing of a Chinese Bookie / Opening Night)The Criterion CollectionR1959-1977
Cast AwayFox Home EntertainmentPG-132000
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Catherine the GreatA&E Home VideoNot Rated1995
The Cat's Meow: Signature SeriesLions GatePG-132001
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Center StageColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132000
La CÈrÈmonieHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1995
Changing LanesParamount StudiosR2002
The ChaseColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1966
Chasing HoldenLions GateR2001
The Chess Player (Le Joueur d'echecs)Milestone Film & VideoNot Rated1926
The China SyndromeColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1979
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Chinese DreamNo StudioNot Rated2004
ChopperImage EntertainmentR2001
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The Cincinnati KidWarner Home VideoNot Rated1965
Cinderella ManUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132005
Citizen CohnHBOR1992
Citizen Welles (The Stranger / The Trial)FOCUSfilm EntertainmentNot Rated1946/1963
The City of No Limits (En La Ciudad Sin LÌmites)Fox Home EntertainmentNot Rated2002
Civic DutyFox Home EntertainmentR2006
A Civil ActionTouchstone Home VideoPG-131998
The ClaimMGM Studios DVDR2000
Clean, ShavenThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1993
The ClearingFox Home EntertainmentR2004
A Clockwork OrangeWarner Home VideoR1971
A Clockwork Orange Special Edition HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1971
CloserSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2004
Cockfighter (Born to Kill)Anchor BayR1974
Cold MountainMiramax PicturesR2003
Color of a Brisk and Leaping DayNew VideoNot Rated1996
Color Me KubrickMagnoliaNot Rated2005
ColorsMGM Studios DVDR1988
Colorz of RageArtisan Home EntertainmentR1999
Coming HomeMGM Studios DVDR1978
The CompanyColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132003
Conceiving AdaFox LorberNot Rated1997
The ContenderDreamWorksR2000
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her LoverAnchor BayNC-171989
The CoolerLions GateR2003
Copying BeethovenMGM Studios DVDPG-132006
Counsellor at LawKino on VideoNot Rated1933
The Country GirlParamount StudiosNot Rated1954
Coup de GraceThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1976
Courage Under FireFox Home EntertainmentR1996
CousinsParamount StudiosPG-131989
Coyote Ugly: Unrated Special EditionTouchstone Home VideoNot Rated2000
Crimes and MisdemeanorsMGM Studios DVDPG-131989
CrossroadsParamount StudiosPG-132002
CrossroadsColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1986
Cruel Intentions 2Columbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
CrushColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
Cupid and CateArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2000
Cyrano de BergeracMGM Studios DVDPG1990
Dancing at the Blue IguanaLions GateR2000
Daisy MillerParamount StudiosG1974
DakotaAnchor BayPG1988
Damaged GoodsVanguard CinemaNot Rated1999
Dancer in the DarkNew Line Home CinemaR2000
The Dancer UpstairsFox Home EntertainmentR2002
I'm Dancing As Fast As I CanParamount StudiosR1982
Dancing in SeptemberHBOR2001
David CopperfieldWarner Home VideoNot Rated1935
The Day of the LocustParamount StudiosR1975
Days of HeavenThe Criterion CollectionPG1978
Days of Wine and RosesWarner Home VideoNot Rated1962
Dead Poets SocietyTouchstone Home VideoPG1989
Dead RingersThe Criterion CollectionR1988
Dear WendyWellspringNot Rated2005
A Death in the FamilyPBS Home VideoNot Rated2002
Death of a SalesmanKulturNot Rated1966
Death of a SalesmanImage EntertainmentNot Rated1985
Death Sentence20th Century FoxNot Rated2007
The DebutColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
DecemberColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1991
Decoration DayArtisan Home EntertainmentPG1990
DeeplyLions GateNot Rated2000
The Defiant OnesMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1958
Degree of GuiltArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1995
DeliveranceWarner Home VideoR1972
Deliverance HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1970
Desert BloomColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1985
Desire Under the ElmsParamount StudiosNot Rated1958
Detective StoryParamount Home VideoNot Rated1951
Deuces WildMGM Studios DVDR2002
The Devil and Daniel WebsterThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1941
The Diary of Anne FrankFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1959
Dinner RushNew Line Home CinemaR2001
Divided We FallColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132000
The Doe BoyWellspringNot Rated2001
Dog Day AfternoonWarner Home VideoR1975
Dog Day Afternoon HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1975
DogstarGolden Shadow PicturesNot Rated2002
Don't Change Your Husband / The Golden ChanceImage EntertainmentNot Rated1919, 1916
Don't Come KnockingSony Picture ClassicsR2006
The Door in the FloorUniversal Studios Home VideoR2004
The DoorsArtisan Home EntertainmentR1991
Do the Right ThingThe Criterion CollectionR1989
Down By LawThe Criterion CollectionR1986
The Dragon PainterMilestone Film & VideoNot Rated1919
The Draughtsman's ContractFox LorberR1982
The DreamersFox Home EntertainmentNC-172004
The DresserColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1983
Drinking GamesIndieDVDNot Rated1998
Drowning on Dry LandA-Pix EntertainmentR1998
Drugstore CowboyArtisan Home EntertainmentR1989
DruidsColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
DrumlineFox Home EntertainmentPG-132002
Drums Along the Mohawk20th Century FoxNot Rated1939
Duane HopwoodHBOR2005
The DuellistsParamount StudiosPG1977
DumaWarner Home VideoPG2005
D.W. Griffith, Years of Discovery: 1909-1913Image EntertainmentNot Rated1909-1913
Early Summer (Bakushuu)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1951
East of EdenWarner Home VideoPG1954
Eban and CharleyWolfeNot Rated2000
Edge CityLions GateNot Rated1998
Edge of Madness (aka A Wilderness Station)Lions GateR2002
Edward IIImage EntertainmentR1992
The Element of CrimeThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1984
The Elephant ManParamount StudiosPG1980
Elmer GantryMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1960
Empire FallsHBONot Rated2005
EnigmaColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
Enigma: Special EditionColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
The EntertainerMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1960
ErosWarner Home VideoR2004
The Essential EgoyanZeitgeist VideoNot Rated1984-1993
Esther KahnWellspringNot Rated2000
The EuropeansMerchant Ivory ProductionsNot Rated1979
EvaKino on VideoNot Rated1963
EvelynMGM Studios DVDPG2002
The Evening StarParamount StudiosPG-131996
Everything Is IlluminatedWarner Home VideoPG-132005
Everything Put TogetherGus EntertainmentR2000
Expresso BongoKino on VideoNot Rated1959
Eye For An EyeParamount StudiosR1996
Eyes Wide Shut: Two-Disc Special EditionWarner Home VideoNot Rated1999
Eyes Wide ShutWarner Home VideoR1999
Eyes Wide Shut HD-DVDWarner Home VideoNot Rated1999
A Face in the CrowdWarner Home VideoNot Rated1957
FacesThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1968
The Fallen IdolThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1948
Falling in LoveParamount StudiosPG-131984
Family BusinessColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1989
Family Portraits: A Trilogy of AmericaImage EntertainmentNot Rated2005
Fargo: SEMGM Studios DVDR1996
Fast Food Nation20th Century FoxR2006
Fat CityColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1972
Feast Of Love20th Century FoxR2007
Felicia's JourneyArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-131999
A Few Days in September (Quelques jours en Septembre)Koch LorberNot Rated2006
Fifth of JulyImage EntertainmentNot Rated1982
The Firm / ElephantBlue UndergroundNot Rated1988
First Time FelonHBOR1998
The Five HeartbeatsFox Home EntertainmentR1991
The Five SensesNew Line Home CinemaR1999
FlashdanceParamount StudiosR1983
Flashdance Special Collector's EditionParamount Home VideoR1983
Flesh and BoneParamount StudiosR1993
The FlorentineMonarch Home VideoR1999
FocusParamount StudiosPG-132001
A Fool There WasKino on VideoNot Rated1915
Foolish WivesImage EntertainmentNot Rated1922
FootlooseParamount StudiosPG1984
The ForeignerMusic Video DistributorsNot Rated2001
Forbidden Hollywood Collection Volume One (Baby Face / Red Headed Woman / Waterloo Bridge)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1931-1933
For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval StoryHBOPG-132000
For Queen and CountryMGM Studios DVDR1989
Forrest GumpParamount StudiosPG-131994
For The BoysFox Home EntertainmentR1991
Four BrothersParamount Home VideoR2005
Four Brothers HD-DVDParamount Home VideoR2005
The Four FeathersParamount StudiosPG-132002
Foxy BrownMGM Studios DVDR1974
FrancesArtisan Home EntertainmentR1982
Frances: SEAnchor BayR1982
Francis of Assisi20th Century FoxNot Rated1961
Freedom WritersParamount Home VideoPG-132007
Freedom Writers HD-DVDParamount Home VideoPG-132007
FridaMiramax PicturesR2002
Friday Night LightsUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132004
Fried Green Tomatoes: Extended Anniversary EditionUniversal Studios Home VideoNot Rated1991
Friends With MoneySony Picture ClassicsR2006
From Here to Eternity: SuperbitColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1953
From the TerraceFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1960
Full FrontalMiramax PicturesR2002
FuryWarner Home VideoNot Rated1936
The F WordIFCNot Rated2006
GlitterColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132001
The GamblerWellspringNot Rated1997
The GamblerParamount StudiosR1974
Gandhi (25th Anniversary Edition)Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG1982
GandhiColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1982
Gangs of New YorkMiramax PicturesR2002
Gardens of StoneColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1987
Garden StateFox Home EntertainmentR2004
Gas Food LodgingColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1992
George WashingtonThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated2000
Ghost Dog: The Way of the SamuraiArtisan Home EntertainmentR1999
The Gin GameImage EntertainmentNot Rated2003
GirlfightColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
Girl, InterruptedColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1999
Glengarry Glen Ross: SEArtisan Home EntertainmentR1992
A Glimpse of HellFox Home EntertainmentPG-132001
GloriaColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1980
God's Lonely ManVanguard CinemaNot Rated1996
The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration [The Godfather / The Godfather Part II / The Godfather Part III] (Blu-ray)Paramount Home VideoR1972 1974 1990
The GodfatherParamount StudiosR1974
The Godfather Part IIParamount StudiosR1974
The Godfather Part IIIParamount StudiosR1990
God Has a Rap SheetSynapse FilmsNot Rated2002
Gods and MonstersUniversal Studios Home VideoR1998
God's Little AcreImage EntertainmentNot Rated1958
The Golden Coach (Le Carrosse d'or)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1953
Goodbye, Mr. ChipsWarner Home VideoNot Rated1939
The Good EarthWarner Home VideoNot Rated1937
The Good FatherHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1986
GoodFellas HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1990
Good Night, and Good Luck. Combo DVD and HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG2005
Good Night, and Good Luck.Warner Home VideoPG2005
The Good ShepherdUniversal Studios Home VideoR2006
The Graduate (40th Anniversary Edition)MGM Studios DVDPG1967
Grand CanyonFox Home EntertainmentR1992
Grand HotelWarner Home VideoNot Rated1932
The Grapes of WrathFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1940
The Grass HarpNew Line Home CinemaPG1996
The GreatestColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1977
The Great GatsbyA&E Home VideoNot Rated2000
The Green MileWarner Home VideoR1999
The Green Mile (SE)Warner Home VideoR1999
Gridiron GangSony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132006
Guimba the Tyrant (Guimba un tyran, une époque)Kino on VideoNot Rated1995
GummoNew Line Home CinemaR1997
Laurence Olivier's HamletThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1948
HandgunAnchor BayR1983
HappinessLions GateNot Rated1998
HardballParamount StudiosPG-132001
HardcoreColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1979
Harem SuareStrand ReleasingNot Rated1999
Harsh TimesGenius ProductsR2005
Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul IIGenius ProductsNot Rated2005
HawaiiMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1966
Head in the CloudsSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2004
Headless Body in Topless BarEclectic DVDNot Rated1995
HeartburnParamount StudiosR1986
Heart o' the HillsMilestone Film & VideoNot Rated1919
HeartwoodLions GatePG-131998
Heat WaveWarner Home VideoNot Rated1990
Heaven's PrisonersNew Line Home CinemaR1995
Hedda GablerKoch VisionNot Rated1980
HeightsSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2005
Hell is a CityAnchor BayNot Rated1960
Henry HillVanguard CinemaNot Rated2000
Henry FoolColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1998
Here on EarthFox Home EntertainmentPG-132000
Hero, Lover, FoolGolden Shadow PicturesNot Rated1996
Hester StreetHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1975
He Was a Quiet ManAnchor BayNot Rated2006
The High and the Mighty: Special Collector's EditionParamount Home VideoNot Rated1954
Higher LearningColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1994
High Noon: CEArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-132000
High Roller: The Stu Ungar StoryNew Line Home CinemaR2004
HighwayNew Line Home CinemaR2001
Hindle WakesMilestone Film & VideoNot Rated1927
The History Boys20th Century FoxR2006
A History of ViolenceNew Line Home CinemaR2005
The HoaxMiramax PicturesR2007
Hobson's ChoiceThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1954
HollywoodlandUniversal Studios Home VideoR2006
The Holy Mountain (Der heilige Berg)Kino on VideoNot Rated1926
A Home at the End of the WorldWarner Home VideoR2004
Homeland SecurityParamount Home VideoR2004
Homeless to Harvard : The Liz Murray StoryWarner Home VideoNot Rated2003
Home RoomColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
HoneyUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132003
Hope And GloryMGM Studios DVDPG-131987
Hostage HighArtisan Home EntertainmentR1997
Hotel RwandaMGM Studios DVDPG-132004
Houdini the Movie StarKino on VideoNot Rated1919-1923
Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen)MGM Studios DVDNot Rated1968
House of GamesThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1987
Howards EndMerchant Ivory ProductionsPG1992
Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's PicturesMerchant Ivory ProductionsNot Rated1978
The Human VoiceKulturNot Rated1966
Human ResourcesKino on VideoNot Rated1999
HumoresqueWarner Home VideoNot Rated1946
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Ultimate EditionImage EntertainmentNot Rated1923
Hustle and FlowParamount Home VideoR2005
Hustle and Flow HD-DVDParamount Home VideoR2005
The Hustler (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)20th Century FoxNot Rated1961
HypocritesKino on VideoNot Rated1915
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain GangWarner Home VideoNot Rated1932
i am samNew Line Home CinemaPG-132001
I Am the CheeseEmpirePG1983
The Iceman ComethImage EntertainmentNot Rated1960
The Ice StormFox Home EntertainmentR1997
The Ice Storm (The Criterion Collection)The Criterion CollectionR1997
If....The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1968
IguanaAnchor BayNot Rated1988
The Illusionist20th Century FoxPG-132006
I'm Not ThereThe Weinstein CompanyR2007
In AmericaFox Home EntertainmentPG-132003
In a Year with 13 Moons (In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden)Fantoma FilmsNot Rated1978
The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in LoveNew Line Home CinemaR1995
Indecent ProposalParamount StudiosR1993
InfamousWarner Home VideoR2006
Inherit the WindMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1960
In Her Shoes20th Century FoxPG-132005
David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRERhinoR2006
In My CountrySony Picture ClassicsR2004
InnocenceColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
In Pursuit of HonorHBOPG-131995
The InsiderBuena Vista Home VideoR1999
The IntendedNew VideoR2002
IntersectionParamount StudiosR1994
In the Heat of the NightMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1967
Into The Wild (Blu-Ray)Paramount Home VideoR2007
Into the Wild (CE)Paramount Home VideoR2007
Inventing the AbbottsFox Home EntertainmentR1996
InvincibleNew Line Home CinemaPG-132002
Iron IslandKino on VideoNot Rated2005
Iron Jawed AngelsHBONot Rated2004
I See A Dark StrangerHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1946
Islands in the StreamParamount StudiosPG1977
It's A Wonderful Life: Two-Disc Collector's SetParamount Home VideoNot Rated1946
I Will Walk Like a Crazy HorseCult EpicsNot Rated1973
Japanese StoryColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
The Jewel In The CrownA&E Home VideoNot Rated1984
JezebelWarner Home VideoNot Rated1938
JFK: Director's Cut (Blu-ray)Warner Home VideoR1991
Joe and MaxColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132002
Joe Gould's SecretUSA Home VideoR2000
The John Ford Film Collection (The Lost Patrol / The Informer / Mary of Scotland / Sergeant Rutledge /Cheyenne Autumn)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1934-1964
Johnny BelindaWarner Home VideoNot Rated1948
John QNew Line Home CinemaPG-132002
Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is CallingColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1986
The Josephine Baker StoryHBOR1991
JoshuaArtisan Home EntertainmentG2002
The Journey of the Fifth HorseKulturNot Rated1966
Judgement (Apocalypse IV)Cloud TenPG-132001
Judgment at NurembergMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1961
Julia20th Century FoxPG1977
JunebugSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2005
Kaaterskill FallsWellspringNot Rated2001
The Karate Kid Part IIColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1986
KatzelmacherWellspringNot Rated1968
KeithImage EntertainmentNot Rated2008
Kicking and ScreamingThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1995
A Kid for Two FarthingsHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1955
The Killing of Sister GeorgeMGM Studios DVDR1971
To Kill a MockingbirdUniversal Studios Home VideoNot Rated1962
King of the JungleHBOR2000
Kinsey: Special EditionFox Home EntertainmentR2004
KissedMGM Studios DVDR1996
The Kite RunnerDreamWorksPG-132007
Kitty FoyleWarner Home VideoNot Rated1940
KnightridersAnchor BayR1981
K Street: The Complete SeriesHBONot Rated2003
The Long, Hot SummerFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1958
Ladies in LavenderSony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132005
The Lady and the Duke (L'Anglaise et le duc)Columbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132001
Lady Chatterley's LoverMGM Studios DVDR1981
Lady Sings the BluesParamount Home VideoR1972
The Laramie ProjectHBONot Rated2002
The Last CastleDreamWorksR2001
The Last Days of PompeiiKino on VideoNot Rated1913
The Last EmperorThe Criterion CollectionPG-131987
The Last King of Scotland20th Century FoxR2006
The Last KissDreamWorksR2006
The Last LaughKino on VideoNot Rated1924
The Last TattooAnchor BayR1994
The Last WaveThe Criterion CollectionPG1977
Late Ozu (Early Spring, Tokyo Twilight, Equinox Flower, Late Autumn, The End of Summer)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1956-61
Laurel CanyonColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
Leap of FaithParamount StudiosPG-131992
The Leather BoysKino on VideoNot Rated1963
Leave Her to Heaven20th Century FoxNot Rated1946
Leaving MetropolisWolfeNot Rated2002
Left Behind: The MovieCloud TenPG-132000
Left LuggageFox LorberNot Rated1998
The Legend of 1900Image EntertainmentR1999
The Legend of Bagger VanceDreamWorksPG-132000
Legends of the Fall: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1994
Legends of the Fall (Superbit)Columbia TriStar Home VideoR1994
LennyMGM Studios DVDR1974
Less Than ZeroFox Home EntertainmentR1987
Let The Devil Wear BlackA-Pix EntertainmentR1998
The LetterWarner Home VideoNot Rated1940
LevityColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
LiamLions GateR2000
The LibertineGenius ProductsR2005
The Life and Death of Colonel BlimpThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1943
Life as a HouseNew Line Home CinemaR2001
Life on a StringKino on VideoNot Rated1991
Lilies of the FieldMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1963
LimelightWarner Home VideoNot Rated1952
The LimeyArtisan Home EntertainmentR1999
Live Flesh (Carne trémula)MGM Studios DVDR1997
Live From BaghdadHBONot Rated2002
LockdownColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
LOLBenten FilmsNot Rated2006
LolitaWarner Home VideoNot Rated1962
Lon Chaney CollectionWarner Home VideoNot Rated1921-1928
The Lon Chaney Jr. Collection (Indestructible Man/The Golden Junkman/Lock Up/Manfish)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1956-1960
The Loneliness of the Long Distance RunnerWarner Home VideoNot Rated1962
The Long Voyage HomeWarner Home VideoNot Rated1940
The Long Walk HomeArtisan Home EntertainmentPG1990
Looking For An EchoUSA Home VideoR1999
The LookoutMiramax PicturesR2007
Lord Of The FliesMGM Studios DVDR1990
Lorna DooneA&E Home VideoNot Rated2001
Losing IsaiahParamount StudiosR1995
Lost and DeliriousLions GateNot Rated2001
Love Me TenderFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1956
Love & BasketballNew Line Home CinemaPG-132000
Love Come DownLions GateR2000
Lovely and AmazingLions GateR2002
The Love of Jeanne NeyKino on VideoG1927
Loves of a BlondeThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1965
A Love Song for Bobby LongSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2004
Love StreetSeville PicturesNot Rated2001
LovingColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1969
Loving WalterBFS VideoNot Rated1982
LucasFox Home EntertainmentPG-131986
Lucrezia BorgiaImage EntertainmentNot Rated1935
Luminous MotionFox LorberNot Rated1998
Lured InnocenceArtisan Home EntertainmentR1999
LushLions GateR1999
Lust for LifeWarner Home VideoNot Rated1956
Music BoxArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-131989
MacbethColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1971
Madame CurieWarner Home VideoNot Rated1944
Madame Sat„WellspringNot Rated2002
Made in BritainBlue UndergroundNot Rated1982
The Magnificent AmbersonsA&E Home VideoNot Rated2000
Magnificent ObsessionThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1954
MagnoliaNew Line Home CinemaR2000
The MajesticWarner Home VideoPG2001
Mala nocheThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1985
Malcolm X: SEWarner Home VideoPG-131992
The Mambo KingsWarner Home VideoR1992
Mamma RomaThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1962
The Manchurian CandidateMGM Studios DVDPG-131962
The Manchurian CandidateParamount StudiosR2004
The Man From Elysian FieldsColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit20th Century FoxNot Rated1956
Manny and LoSony Picture ClassicsR1996
Man of AshesFox LorberNot Rated2000
Manslaughter & The CheatKino on VideoNot Rated1915, 1922
A Man There Was / Ingeborg HolmKino on VideoNot Rated1917, 1913
The Man Who CriedUniversal Studios Home VideoR2001
Marat/SadeMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1967
Marion BridgeFilm MovementNot Rated2002
MartyMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1955
Mask: Director's CutUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-131985
Masked and AnonymousColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132003
Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen StoryFox Home EntertainmentR2002
MauriceMerchant Ivory ProductionsNot Rated1987
MazeLions GateR2001
Mean CreekParamount StudiosR2004
Me and You and Everyone We KnowMGM Studios DVDR2005
Medium CoolParamount StudiosR1969
Meet John DoeImage EntertainmentG1941
M?loKino on VideoNot Rated1986
Memoirs of a GeishaSony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132005
Men of HonorFox Home EntertainmentR2000
The Merchant of VeniceSony Picture ClassicsR2004
Merry-Go-RoundImage EntertainmentNot Rated1923
The MexicanDreamWorksR2001
Michael (Mikael)Kino on VideoNot Rated1924
Michael Clayton Combo DVD and HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2007
The Middle PassageHBONot Rated2000
A Midnight ClearColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1992
A Mighty HeartParamount Home VideoR2007
A Mighty Heart (Blu-ray)Paramount Home VideoR2007
A Mighty Heart HD-DVDParamount Home VideoR2007
Mildred PierceWarner Home VideoNot Rated1945
Millennium Mambo (Qianxi manbo)Palm PicturesR2001
Million Dollar Baby HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG-132004
The Minus ManArtisan Home EntertainmentR1999
The Miracle of Our Lady of FatimaWarner Home VideoG1952
The MisfitsMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1961
Mishima: A Life in Four ChaptersThe Criterion CollectionR1985
MissingThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1982
Miss JulieThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1951
ModiglianiVisual EntertainmentR2004
The Molly MaguiresParamount StudiosPG1970
Molokai: The Story Of Father DamienA-Pix EntertainmentPG1999
Mommie DearestParamount StudiosPG1981
Mona LisaThe Criterion CollectionR1986
Mona Lisa SmileColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132003
Mon oncle AntoineImage EntertainmentNot Rated1971
Mon Oncle AntoineThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1971
Monster: Special EditionColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
Monster's BallLions GateR2001
Morvern CallarPalm PicturesR2002
Mother and SonFox LorberNot Rated1997
Mother NightNew Line Home CinemaR1996
The Motorcycle DiariesUniversal Studios Home VideoR2004
Mourning Becomes Electra (1947)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1947
Mr. & Mrs. BridgeHBOPG-131990
Mrs. MiniverWarner Home VideoNot Rated1942
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious CircleImage EntertainmentR1994
Murder in GreenwichColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
My Left Foot: Miramax Collector's SeriesMiramax PicturesR1989
My LifeColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131993
My Own Private IdahoThe Criterion CollectionR1991
The Mystic MasseurColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG2001
Mystic River (Deluxe Edition)Warner Home VideoR2003
My Summer of LoveUniversal Studios Home VideoR2004
NakedThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1993
Naked LunchThe Criterion CollectionR1991
NashvilleParamount StudiosR1975
NetworkWarner Home VideoR1976
NeverwasMiramax PicturesPG-132004
NewsfrontBlue UndergroundPG1978
The Next Best ThingParamount StudiosPG-132000
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas NicklebyA&E Home VideoNot Rated1982
Night on EarthThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1991
Nijinsky: The Diaries of Vaslav NijinskyWellspringNot Rated2001
Nil By MouthColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1997
Nixon (Election Year Edition)Walt Disney Home VideoR1995
Nobody's FoolParamount StudiosR1994
No Country for Old MenMiramax PicturesR2007
Norma RaeFox Home EntertainmentPG1979
North CountryWarner Home VideoR2005
NorthforkParamount StudiosPG-132003
Nothing in CommonColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1986
Nothing But A ManNew VideoNot Rated1964
Not Without My DaughterMGM Studios DVDPG-131990
Now, VoyagerWarner Home VideoNot Rated1942
The Nun's StoryWarner Home VideoNot Rated1959
"O"Lions GateR2001
The Ocean Waif/49-17Kino on VideoNot Rated1916
October SkyUniversal Studios Home VideoPG1999
An Officer and a GentlemanParamount StudiosR1982
Of Mice and Men (1939)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1939
Of Mice and MenMGM Studios DVDPG-131992
Old AcquaintanceWarner Home VideoNot Rated1943
Old GringoColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1989
Old Wives for NewImage EntertainmentNot Rated1918
Oliver TwistImage EntertainmentNot Rated1922
Oliver TwistSony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132005
Once In the LifeLions GateR2000
Once Were WarriorsSeville PicturesNot Rated1994
Once Were WarriorsNew Line Home CinemaR1995
One Good TurnFox LorberR1996
One Special NightMTI Home VideoNot Rated1999
One Tough CopColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1998
One True ThingUniversal Studios Home VideoR1998
The Onion FieldMGM Studios DVDR1979
On the EdgeUniversal Studios Home VideoR2001
On the WaterfrontColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1954
Orchestra Wives20th Century FoxNot Rated1942
Ordinary PeopleParamount StudiosR1980
Original Sin (unrated)MGM Studios DVDNot Rated2001
Oscar and LucindaFox Home EntertainmentR1997
Othello (Royal Shakespeare Company)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1990
OthelloKino on VideoNot Rated1922
The Other Side Of Sunday (Sondagsengler)Fox LorberNot Rated1996
Our AmericaParamount StudiosR2002
Our Lady of the Assassins (La Virgen de los Sicarios)Paramount StudiosR2001
Our TownFOCUSfilm EntertainmentNot Rated1940
Our TownPBS Home VideoNot Rated2003
The Outlaw and His WifeKino on VideoNot Rated1918
Owning MahownyColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
OxygenA-Pix EntertainmentR1999
The Painted VeilWarner Home VideoPG-132006
Paper MoonParamount StudiosPG1973
PapillonWarner Home VideoPG1973
Paradise RoadFox Home EntertainmentR1997
A Passage to IndiaColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1984
The Passion of Anna (En Passion)MGM Studios DVDR1969
Passion of MindParamount StudiosPG-132000
Pelle the ConquerorAnchor BayPG-131989
The Pentagon PapersParamount StudiosR2003
The People vs. Larry Flynt: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1996
People Will TalkFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1951
PerfectColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1985
The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson StoryColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132004
Perils of the New Land: Films of the Immigrant ExperienceFlicker AlleyNot Rated1910-1915
Permanent MidnightArtisan Home EntertainmentR1998
Permanent RecordParamount StudiosPG-131988
PersonaMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1966
Personal VelocityMGM Studios DVDR2002
Peyton PlaceFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1957
Philadelphia: Anniversary EditionColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131993
The PianistUniversal Studios Home VideoR2002
PiccadillyMilestone Film & VideoNot Rated1929
Picnic at Hanging RockThe Criterion CollectionPG1975
Pierrepoint: The Last Hang ManIFCR2005
Pinky20th Century FoxNot Rated1949
A Place in the SunParamount StudiosNot Rated1951
PlentyArtisan Home EntertainmentR1985
PollockColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
Poolhall JunkiesHBOR2002
The PornographersThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1966
PraiseStrand ReleasingNot Rated1998
Prey for Rock and RollLions GateR2003
Price of GloryNew Line Home CinemaPG-132000
Pride and Prejudice: The Special EditionA&E Home VideoNot Rated1995
Pride and PrejudiceUniversal Studios Home VideoPG2005
The Prime GigNew Line Home CinemaR2000
The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieFox Home EntertainmentPG1969
PrimoKulturNot Rated2004
The Prince of TidesColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1991
The Princess and the WarriorColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
Private Fears in Public PlacesIFCNot Rated2006
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and EssexWarner Home VideoNot Rated1939
The Prizewinner of Defiance, OhioDreamWorksPG-132005
ProofNew Line Home CinemaR1991
ProofMiramax PicturesPG-132005
Prozac NationMiramax PicturesR2001
Purgatory HouseImage EntertainmentR2004
Purple Rain: 20th Anniversary Special EditionWarner Home VideoR1984
PursuedArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1947
Q&AFox Home EntertainmentR1990
The Quare FellowKino on VideoNot Rated1962
QuartetMerchant Ivory ProductionsNot Rated1981
The QueenMiramax PicturesPG-132006
Queen BeeColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1955
Queer as Folk: The Complete Third SeasonShowtimeNot Rated2003
QuillsFox Home EntertainmentR2000
RadioColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG2003
Radio OnPlexifilmNot Rated1979
Raging BullMGM Studios DVDR1980
RagtimeParamount StudiosPG1981
The RainmakerParamount Home VideoNot Rated1956
Rain Man: SEMGM Studios DVDR1988
The Rains Came20th Century FoxNot Rated1939
Raise Your VoiceNew Line Home CinemaPG2004
Raising Victor VargasColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
Random HarvestWarner Home VideoNot Rated1942
The RaptureNew Line Home CinemaR1991
RatcatcherThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1999
The Razor's EdgeColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131984
Rebels of the Neon God (Ch'ing shaonien na cha)WellspringNot Rated1992
Rebel Without a CauseWarner Home VideoPG-131955
The ReckoningParamount StudiosR2004
RecountHBONot Rated2008
Red DirtFox LorberNot Rated2000
RedeemerArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2002
Rediscover Jacques Feyder: French Film MasterHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1921-23
The Red KimonaKino on VideoNot Rated1925
The Red ViolinLions GateR1998
Regarding HenryParamount StudiosPG-131991
Regeneration/Young RomanceImage EntertainmentNot Rated1915
The Remains Of The DayColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1993
Requiem for a HeavyweightColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1962
Requiem for a DreamArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2000
Return of the Secaucus 7MGM Studios DVDR1980
Return To ParadisePolygramR1998
Revengers TragedyFantoma FilmsNot Rated2003
RhapsodyLions GateR2000
Richard IIIThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1955
Richard IIIKino on VideoNot Rated1912
The Rider Named DeathKino on VideoNot Rated2004
Riding in Cars with BoysColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132001
Ripley's GameNew Line Home CinemaR2002
River's EdgeMGM Studios DVDR1986
Road DogzArtisan Home EntertainmentR2000
The Road Home (Wo de fu qin mu qin)Columbia TriStar Home VideoG1999
Road To PerditionDreamWorksR2002
RockyMGM Studios DVDPG1976
Roma citta liberaNo Shame FilmsNot Rated1945
Romper StomperFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1992
The Ronald Reagan Signature Collection (Kings Row, The Hasty Heart, Storm Warning, The Winning Team, Knute Rockne All American)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1940-1952
A Room With A ViewImage EntertainmentNot Rated1986
A Room with a ViewBBC VideoNot Rated1985
Rory O'Shea Was HereUniversal Studios Home VideoR2004
RoselandMerchant Ivory ProductionsNot Rated1977
The Rose TattooParamount StudiosNot Rated1955
La RoueFlicker AlleyNot Rated1923
RubyColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1992
Rules of EngagementParamount StudiosR2000
Rumble Fish: Special EditionUniversal Studios Home VideoR1983
Submarine AttackFox LorberNot Rated1954
Sadie ThompsonKino on VideoNot Rated1928
SafeColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1995
Safe PassageNew Line Home CinemaPG-131994
The Safety of ObjectsMGM Studios DVDR2001
SalvadorMGM Studios DVDR1986
Sam the ManNew VideoNot Rated2000
Saturday Night Fever (30th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition)Paramount Home VideoR1977
The Savages20th Century FoxR2007
Save the TigerParamount Home VideoR1973
ScandalAnchor BayNot Rated1989
The Scarlet EmpressThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1934
The Scarlet PimpernelA&E Home VideoNot Rated1999
Scenes from a Marriage (Scener ur ett ‰ktenskap)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1973
Schindler's ListUniversal Studios Home VideoR1993
SchizopolisThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1996
Schultze Gets the BluesParamount Home VideoPG2003
ScumBlue UndergroundR1979
Searching For Bobby FischerParamount StudiosPG1993
The Secret (Blu-ray)Image EntertainmentR2007
Secret HonorThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1984
The Secret Lives of DentistsColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
Secrets & LiesFox Home EntertainmentR1996
Secrets of a SoulKino on VideoNot Rated1926
SeptemberMGM Studios DVDPG1987
The Serpent's EggMGM Studios DVDR1977
SerpicoParamount StudiosR1973
Seven Years in Tibet (Superbit)Columbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131997
Sex in ChainsKino on VideoNot Rated1928
ShadowsThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1959
Shame (Skammen)MGM Studios DVDR1968
Shanghai TriadColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1994
Shattered GlassLions GatePG-132003
The Sheltering SkyWarner Home VideoR1990
Ship of FoolsColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1965
The Shoes of the FishermanWarner Home VideoG1968
The Shop on Main Street (Obchod na Korze)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1965
Shotgun StoriesGenius ProductsPG-132007
SiberiadeKino on VideoNot Rated1979
Sid and NancyMGM Studios DVDR1986
The Silent EnemyImage EntertainmentNot Rated1930
Silver CityColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2004
SimpaticoNew Line Home CinemaR1999
Sins of the FatherArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2002
Siren of the Tropics (La Sirène de Tropique)Kino on VideoNot Rated1927
SiroccoColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1951
Sister My SisterKoch LorberNot Rated1994
The SistersAnchor Bay EntertainmentR2005
Six Feet Under: The Complete Second SeasonHBONot Rated2002
61*HBONot Rated2001
SlamTrimark Home EntertainmentR1998
Sling Blade: Two-Disc Collector's SeriesMiramax PicturesNot Rated1996
The Snake PitFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1948
Snow CakeIFCNot Rated2006
SolarisThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1972
The Song of BernadetteFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1943
SongcatcherLions GatePG-132000
Soul of the GameHBOPG-131996
Speed of Life (aka Saturn)Lions GateR1999
SpiderColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
The Spirit of St. LouisWarner Home VideoNot Rated1957
The Squid and the WhaleSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2005
Stand By Me: Deluxe EditionColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1986
The Stand InIndieDVDPG1999
Stanley & IrisMGM Studios DVDPG-131990
The StarWarner Home VideoNot Rated1952
State PropertyTrimark PicturesR2000
Stay HungryMGM Studios DVDR1976
Staying AliveParamount StudiosPG1983
Stealing BeautyFox Home EntertainmentR1996
St. Elmo's FireColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1985
StorytellingNew Line Home CinemaNot Rated2001
A Strange AffairArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1996
Stranger Than ParadiseThe Criterion CollectionR1984
Straw Dogs: Criterion CollectionThe Criterion CollectionR1971
Straw DogsMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1971
Street SceneImage EntertainmentNot Rated1931
StrikeImage EntertainmentNot Rated1925
Suburban MadnessSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2004
The Sugarland ExpressUniversal Studios Home VideoPG1974
Summer '04 (Sommer '04)Koch LorberNot Rated2006
SumurunKino on VideoNot Rated1920
Sunday Bloody SundayMGM Studios DVDR1971
SunriseFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1927
Sunset BoulevardParamount StudiosNot Rated1950
Sunset ParkColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1996
SunshineParamount StudiosR2000
Sunshine StateColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132002
The Sweet HereafterNew Line Home CinemaR1997
Sweet Land20th Century FoxPG2005
Sweet Smell of SuccessMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1957
The SwimmerColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1968
Swing ShiftWarner Home VideoPG1984
Syriana HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2005
TabuImage EntertainmentNot Rated1931
Take the LeadNew Line Home CinemaPG-132006
Talk to MeFOCUSfilm EntertainmentR2007
TapsFox Home EntertainmentPG1981
TartLions GateR2001
The TavernFox LorberNot Rated1999
TchaikovskyKino on VideoNot Rated1969
Team PictureBenten FilmsNot Rated2007
The Ten CommandmentsParamount StudiosG1956
Ten Tiny Love StoriesLions GateR2001
Terms of EndearmentParamount StudiosPG1983
La TerreMilestone Film & VideoNot Rated1921
TessColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1979
TestamentParamount StudiosPG1983
That Thing You Do! (SE)20th Century FoxNot Rated1996
That Was Then... This is NowParamount StudiosR1985
The Assassination of Richard NixonNew Line Home CinemaR2004
The Brown BunnySony Pictures Home EntertainmentNot Rated2003
The Flight of the PhoenixFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1965
Tennessee Williams' The Glass MenagerieImage EntertainmentNot Rated1973
The Greatest Show on EarthParamount StudiosNot Rated1952
The Harder They FallColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1956
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All ThingsPalm PicturesR2004
The Kite Runner (Blu-Ray)Paramount StudiosPG-132007
The Night ListenerMiramax PicturesR2006
The Notorious Bettie PageHBOR2006
The RanchMGM Studios DVDNot Rated2004
There Will Be Blood (Blu-ray)Paramount Home VideoR2007
The Siege At Ruby RidgeMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1996
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?Anchor BayR1969
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at HerMGM Studios DVDPG-132000
The Third Man (Blu-ray)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1949
ThirteenFox Home EntertainmentR2003
Thirteen DaysNew Line Home CinemaPG-132000
This Sporting LifeThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1963
The Three Burials of Melquiades EstradaSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2006
The Three Faces of EveFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1957
Through the Back DoorMilestone Film & VideoNot Rated1921
ThumbsuckerSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2005
Time RegainedKino on VideoNot Rated1999
Titanic (1953)Fox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1953
TitusFox Home EntertainmentR1999
To End All WarsFox Home EntertainmentR2001
To Gillian on Her 37th BirthdayColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131996
Tokyo StoryThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1953
TomorrowHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1972
Tout va bienThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1972
To Walk With LionsFox Home EntertainmentPG-131999
Traffic: Criterion CollectionThe Criterion CollectionR2000
The Treasure of the Sierra MadreWarner Home VideoNot Rated1947
Le Trou (The Hole)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1964
True BelieverColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1989
True ColorsParamount StudiosR1991
The Truman Show: Special EditionParamount Home VideoPG1998
Tucker: The Man and His DreamParamount StudiosPG1988
Tunes of GloryThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1960
Turn It UpNew Line Home CinemaR2000
The Tuskegee AirmenHBOPG-131995
TweekedGo Kart FilmsNot Rated2001
Twelfth NightKoch VisionNot Rated1969
12 Angry MenMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1957
Twelve O'Clock HighFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1949
Two-Lane BlacktopThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1971
Two for the MoneyUniversal Studios Home VideoR2005
Two for the Road20th Century FoxNot Rated1967
Two Girls and a GuyFox Home EntertainmentR2000
The Two of UsThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1968
Umberto D.The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1952
Under CapricornImage EntertainmentNot Rated1949
Under SuspicionColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
UndertowMGM Studios DVDR2004
Under the VolcanoThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1984
United 93Universal Studios Home VideoR2006
The United States of LelandParamount StudiosR2003
The UntouchablesParamount StudiosR1987
UprisingWarner Home VideoNot Rated2001
The Upside of AngerNew Line Home CinemaR2005
Urban CowboyParamount StudiosPG1980
Urban JungleArtisan Home EntertainmentR1994
Vanilla SkyParamount StudiosR2001
Vanity FairUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132004
Vanya on 42nd StreetColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1994
VenusMiramax PicturesR2006
Vera DrakeNew Line Home CinemaR2004
The Verdict (CE)20th Century FoxR1982
V for Vendetta HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2005
Vincent & TheoMGM Studios DVDPG-131990
The Virgin SuicidesParamount StudiosR2000
Waking the DeadUSA Home VideoR1999
Walk the Line (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)20th Century FoxPG-132005
Walk the Line: Extended CutFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated2005
Wall StreetFox Home EntertainmentR1987
Wall Street (20th Anniversary Edition)20th Century FoxR1987
Water20th Century FoxPG-132005
The WaterdanceColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1992
We Are Marshall Combo DVD and HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG-132006
We Don't Live Here AnymoreWarner Home VideoR2004
Welcome Home, Roxy CarmichaelParamount Home VideoPG-131990
Welcome Says The AngelGolden Shadow PicturesNot Rated2001
WetherbyHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1985
We Were StrangersSony Pictures Home EntertainmentNot Rated1949
What Makes Sammy Run?Koch VisionNot Rated1959
What's Eating Gilbert Grape: SEParamount Home VideoPG-131993
What's Eating Gilbert GrapeParamount StudiosPG-131993
When Thugs CryArtisan Home EntertainmentR2002
When Will I Be LovedMGM Studios DVDR2004
Where the Heart IsFox Home EntertainmentPG-132000
Where the Truth LiesSony Pictures Home EntertainmentNot Rated2005
White DogThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1982
White LiesMusic Video DistributorsNot Rated1997
WhityFantoma FilmsNot Rated1970
Who's That Knocking at My DoorWarner Home VideoR1968
The Widow of St. PierreLions GateR2001
Wilde: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1997
WildflowerArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1991
Wild in the CountryFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1961
WindColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131992
The Wings of EaglesWarner Home VideoNot Rated1957
WisegirlsLions GateR2002
Without a Trace (Sin Dejar Huella)Fox Home EntertainmentNot Rated2000
Witness ProtectionHBOR1999
A Woman Is a Woman (Une femme est une femme)The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1961
Women in FilmLions GateR2000
The WoodlandersMiramax PicturesPG1997
The WoodsmanSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2004
World Trade Center (Two-Disc Commemorative Edition) HD-DVDParamount Home VideoPG-132006
World TravelerColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
WoyzeckAnchor BayNot Rated1976
Written On The WindThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1956
Year of the DogParamount Home VideoPG-132007
YesSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2005
You Can Count On MeParamount StudiosR2000
You Light Up My LifeColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1977
Young AdamColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2004
Young Man with a HornWarner Home VideoNot Rated1949
Young Mr. LincolnThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1939
ZebraheadColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1992
Zero DayHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated2003
ZigzagColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
ZodiacParamount Home VideoR2007
Zodiac: Two-Disc Director's CutParamount Home VideoR2007
Zorba the GreekFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1964

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