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Latest DVD Reviews Genre: horror



This was one of my favorite childhood movies, and it's still held up as a go-to flick for me through the years. It's been a while since I've seen it, however, so here's hoping I enjoy it just as much today.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - September 7, 2013, 5:18 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: scientist, serum, mutated



It's finally time to retire my old laserdisc copy of Mario Bava's return to gothic form, as this promises to be a wonderful Blu-ray edition from Kino Classics.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - January 27, 2013, 1:21 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: gothic, estate, sadistic



This sure seems like an interesting, shockingly original take on the soon-to-be-tired zombie film, but my gut tells me that there won't be much here to like.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - January 13, 2013, 4:22 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: nazi, bunker, flesh-hungry



This second installment of the adventures of everyone's favorite surgically separated conjoined twins takes the weirdness level up a few notches, to say the least.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - January 1, 2013, 4:23 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: frightfully, brothers, freaks



The further adventures of Duane and his malformed, formerly conjoined twin brother Belial stick in my memory as a case of director Frank Henenlotter going to the well one too many times. That opinion could change, given that it's been at least 15 years since I've seen this second sequel, but I have a bad feeling it won't.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - November 1, 2012, 6:27 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: macabre, conjoined, monsters



I'm not sure we need yet another zombie movie, but it looks like this latest installment in the genre wears its extremely low budget nature as a badge of honor, for better or worse.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - October 26, 2012, 8:51 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: undead, island, hordes



Director Mary Harron is best known for bringing the character of Patrick Bateman to life on the big screen, but we'll see if she can work similar magic with an ensemble of young, attractive, female actors here.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - August 26, 2012, 5:31 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: haunted, diary, school



Despite a horrendous title, and cheesy-looking DVD cover art, a quick read of the plot synopsis and interesting casting has me chomping at the bit to give this flick a look.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - July 15, 2012, 9:57 am - DVD Review
Keywords: killing, loony bin, mental trauma

DVD Review: ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (Criterion Blu-ray)


This classic take on H.G. Wells's book, The Island of Dr. Moreau should make it easy to forget the more recent Val Kilmer/Marlon Brando adaptation of the same story, and then some.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - November 21, 2011, 8:18 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: mad doctor, genetic experiments, remote island



Coffin Joe returns over 40 years since he last appeared on screen. Having this little-seen, low budget shocker on Blu-ray is a nice surprise courtesy of the always great Synapse Films.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - May 17, 2011, 3:38 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: sadistic undertaker, ghostly visions, past victims



Ok, so in most cases I'd run without looking back if I was faced with the prospect of watching a horror movie with famous chef Mario Batali in the cast. However, the word of mouth for this particular killer chef movie has been good enough to make the prospects of viewing this much better than expected.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - July 1, 2011, 7:08 am - DVD Review
Keywords: culinary empire, challenges, tense shocker



I'd never heard of this flick until about a year ago, but since that first mention of it, the talk has been non-stop. Now, The Criterion Collection makes seeing this obscurity a reality, thanks to this potentially amazing Blu-ray disc.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - October 21, 2010, 6:42 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: psychedelic, ghost, hallucinatory, nightmarish

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Elvira's Movie Macabre: Werewolf of WashingtonShout FactoryNot Rated1973
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EpidemicHome Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1987
ExorcismSynapse FilmsNot Rated1974
The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Unrated Special Edition)Sony Picture ClassicsNot Rated2005
The Exorcist: 25th Anniversary SEWarner Home VideoR1973
Exorcist IIIWarner Home VideoR1990
Exorcist II: The HereticWarner Home VideoR1977
Eye Of The BeastGenius ProductsNot Rated2006
Eyes Without a Face (Les Yeux sans visage a.k.a. The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus) The Criterion CollectionNot Rated1959
Faces of Death III: Scenes from the UndergroundMPI Home VideoNot Rated1985
Fade to BlackAnchor BayR1980
The Fall of the House of Usher (La Chute de la Maison Usher)All Day EntertainmentNot Rated1928
Fangoria: Blood DriveKoch VisionNot Rated2004
Fangoria Blood Drive IIKoch VisionNot Rated2005
FangsLions GatePG-132001
Fatal FramesSynapse FilmsNot Rated1996
FaustKino on VideoNot Rated1926
FeastDimension FilmsNot Rated2006
The Fiend (Beware My Brethren)RedemptionNot Rated1971
Fiend Without A FaceThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1958
Final Destination 3New Line Home CinemaR2006
Final DraftGenius ProductsNot Rated2007
The Flesh and the FiendsImage EntertainmentNot Rated1959
Flesh for FrankensteinThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1973
Flesh for FrankensteinImage EntertainmentNot Rated1973
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The Fly / The Fly IIFox Home EntertainmentR1986/1989
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The Fly II: Collector's Edition20th Century FoxR1989
The Fog: SEMGM Studios DVDR1979
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Friday the 13th—Part VI: Jason LivesParamount StudiosR1986
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The FuryFox Home EntertainmentR1978
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Ganja and Hess: The Complete EditionAll Day EntertainmentR1973
Gator KingRhinoR1998
Ghost GameImage EntertainmentNot Rated2004
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The Giant Gila MonsterImage EntertainmentNot Rated1959
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Godmonster Of Indian FlatsSomething Weird VideoNot Rated1973
The Golem (Der Golem)Kino on VideoNot Rated1920
GothikaWarner Home VideoR2003
Gothika: SEWarner Home VideoR2003
Gothika HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2003
Graveyard of Horror (Necrophagus)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1971
The Grudge 2Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132006
HabitFox LorberNot Rated1997
Halloween: Extended EditionAnchor BayNot Rated1978
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HalloweenGenius ProductsNot Rated2007
Halloween 4—The Return of Michael MyersAnchor BayR1988
Halloween: RestoredAnchor Bay EntertainmentR1978
The Hands of Orlac (Orlacs H?nde)Kino on VideoNot Rated1924
Hannibal Rising (Unrated)Genius ProductsNot Rated2007
Happy Birthday to MeColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1980
HauntedArtisan Home EntertainmentR1995
The Haunting (original version)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1963
HellraiserAnchor BayR1987
Hellraiser: DeaderDimension FilmsR2005
Hellraiser: HellworldDimension FilmsR2005
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (Director's Edition)MPI Home VideoNot Rated1989
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer—Part 2MPI Home VideoR1996
The Hidden / The Hidden 2New Line Home CinemaR1987
Hide and SeekFox Home EntertainmentR2005
Hollow Man (Superbit Deluxe)Columbia TriStar Home VideoR2000
Hollywood Legends of Horror Collection (Mark of the Vampire / The Mask of Fu Manchu / Doctor X / The Return of Doctor X / Mad Love / The Devil Doll)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1932-1939
Home SickSynapse FilmsNot Rated2007
HomicidalColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1961
Horrible Horrors Collection: Volume 1RhinoNot Rated2004
Horrible Horrors Collection: Volume 2RhinoNot Rated2004
HorrorElite EntertainmentR2002
Horror HospitalElite EntertainmentR1973
Horror of FrankensteinAnchor BayR1970
Horror of the Blood MonstersImage EntertainmentPG1970
Horrors of Malformed MenSynapse FilmsNot Rated1969
HostelLions GateNot Rated2006
HouseAnchor BayR1986
House of WaxWarner Home VideoNot Rated1953
House of WaxWarner Home VideoR2005
House of Wax (2005) HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2000
House on Haunted HillLegend FilmsNot Rated1958
The House On Sorority RowElite EntertainmentR1983
The House With Laughing Windows (La Casa Dalle Finestre che Ridono)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1976
The HowlingMGM Studios DVDR1981
Howling III: The MarsupialsElite EntertainmentPG-131986
Howling II: Your Sister Is a WerewolfMGM Studios DVDR1986
The Howling: SEMGM Studios DVDR1981
Howling V: The Rebirth / Howling VI: The FreaksArtisan Home EntertainmentR1989-1991
The Hypnotist (Saimin)ADV FilmsNot Rated1999
Identity: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
I Drink Your BloodMTI Home VideoNot Rated1971
I Know What You Did Last Summer: The CollectionSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR1997-1998-2006
I, MonsterRetromediaPG1971
InfestedColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
Isle of the Dead / BedlamWarner Home VideoNot Rated1945-1946
It's Alive! / Year 2889RetromediaNot Rated1969/1967
It WaitsAnchor BayNot Rated2005
I VampiriImage EntertainmentNot Rated1956
I've Been Waiting for YouArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-131998
I Walked with a Zombie / The Body SnatcherWarner Home VideoNot Rated1943-1945
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final FridayNew Line Home CinemaNot Rated1993
Jason XNew Line Home CinemaR2002
JawsUniversal Studios Home VideoPG1975
Jaws (Widescreen 30th Anniversary Edition)Universal Studios Home VideoPG1975
Jeepers Creepers: SEMGM Studios DVDR2001
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeImage EntertainmentR2006
JigokuThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1960
John Carpenter's Vampires (Superbit)Columbia TriStar Home VideoR1998
Junior (aka Engine Trouble)Artisan Home EntertainmentR2003
Killer Barbys vs. DraculaImage EntertainmentNot Rated2002
Killer BuzzKey DVDR2002
Killer Klowns From Outer SpaceMGM Studios DVDPG-131988
Kingdom HospitalColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated2004
King Kong LivesFox Home EntertainmentPG-131986
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeKino on VideoNot Rated1920
KomodoStudio Home EntertainmentPG-131999
KwaidanThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1965
Lady in White: SEMGM Studios DVDPG-131988
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The LangoliersArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1995
The Last SupperMTI Home VideoNot Rated2005
The Last WinterGenius ProductsNot Rated2007
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IIINew Line Home CinemaNot Rated1990
The Legend of Hell HouseFox Home EntertainmentPG1973
The Legend of Sleepy HollowHallmark Home EntertainmentNot Rated1999
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the SupernaturalSynapse FilmsPG1973
Leprechaun 3Trimark PicturesR1995
Leprechaun 4: In SpaceTrimark PicturesR1996
Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha HoodLions GateR2003
The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (2-Disc Special Edition)Blue UndergroundNot Rated1974
Living DollMondo MacabroNot Rated1990
The LocalsAnchor Bay EntertainmentNot Rated2003
Long WeekendSynapse FilmsNot Rated1978
The Lost BoysWarner Home VideoR1987
Lost SoulsNew Line Home CinemaR2000
Lucker the NecrophagousSynapse FilmsNot Rated1986
LuckyMTI Home VideoR2002
MacabreAnchor BayNot Rated1980
Mad Doctor of Blood IslandImage EntertainmentNot Rated1969
MadmanAnchor BayR1981
MalevolenceAnchor BayR2004
The Mangler 2Artisan Home EntertainmentR2001
ManiacElite EntertainmentNot Rated1980
Maniac Cop: Special EditionSynapse FilmsR1987
Maniac (Limited Edition Tin)Anchor BayNot Rated1980
Man's Best FriendNew Line Home CinemaR1993
Mantis In Lace (Lila)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1968
The Man with Nine LivesColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1940
MartinAnchor BayR1977
The Masque of the Red Death / The Premature BurialMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1964 / 1962
Masters of Horror: John Carpenter: Cigarette BurnsAnchor BayNot Rated2005
Monster HighSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR1989
Monsters Crash The Pajama Party Spook Show SpectacularSomething Weird VideoNot Rated2001
The Mothman PropheciesColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132001
The Mothman PropheciesColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132002
Mr. SardonicusColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1961
Mountaintop Motel MassacreAnchor BayR1983
The Mummy's ShroudAnchor BayNot Rated1966
MutantElite EntertainmentR1984
My Bloody ValentineParamount StudiosR1981
Near DarkAnchor BayR1987
Necropolis AwakenedPathfinder Home EntertainmentNot Rated2002
Neither the Sea Nor the SandRedemptionR1972
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the GraveEclectic DVDR1971
Nightmare in BloodImage EntertainmentR1976
A Nightmare On Elm StreetNew Line Home CinemaR1984
A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's RevengeNew Line Home CinemaR1985
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream WarriorsNew Line Home CinemaR1987
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream MasterNew Line Home CinemaR1988
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream ChildNew Line Home CinemaR1989
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Two-Disc Infinifilm Special Edition)New Line Home CinemaR1984
A Night to DismemberElite EntertainmentNot Rated1983
The Ninth GateArtisan Home EntertainmentR2000 [US]
NosferatuImage EntertainmentNot Rated1922
NosferatuKino on VideoNot Rated1922
NosferatuKino on VideoNot Rated1922
Nosferatu the Vampyre (Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht)Anchor BayPG1979
The Oblong Box / Scream and Scream AgainMGM Studios DVDPG1969
Octopus 2: River of FearLions GateR2002
The OmenFox Home EntertainmentR1976
Orgy of the DeadRhinoNot Rated1965
OtisWarner Home VideoNot Rated2007
ProphecyParamount StudiosPG1977
P2Summit EntertainmentR2007
Panic Beats (Latidos de panico)Mondo MacabroNot Rated1982
Perfect CreatureFox Home EntertainmentR2006
Pet Sematary (Stephen King's Pet Sematary)Paramount StudiosR1989
Pet Semetary TwoParamount StudiosR1992
Phantasm IV: OblivionMGM Studios DVDR1998
Phantom of the OperaA-Pix EntertainmentNot Rated1998
Phantom of the ParadiseFox Home EntertainmentPG1974
The Phantom of the Opera: The Ultimate EditionImage EntertainmentNot Rated1925-1929
Piranha II: The SpawningColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1981
The Pit and the PendulumMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1961
Planet of the VampiresMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1965
The PoolArtisan Home EntertainmentR2002
Population 436Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2006
Prayer BeadsDark Sky FilmsNot Rated2006
Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (Premutos, der Gefallene Engel) shock-o-ramaNot Rated1997
PrimevalBuena Vista Home VideoR2007
Prom NightAnchor BayR1980
Prom Night III: The Last Kiss/Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From EvilArtisan Home EntertainmentR1989-1992
PulseColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131988
PumpkinheadMGM Studios DVDR1988
PythonFox Home EntertainmentR2000
Python 2Fox Home EntertainmentR2002
The Queen of Black MagicMondo MacabroNot Rated1979
The Rape of the Vampire (Le Viol du Vampire)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1968
The RatsFox Home EntertainmentR2002
Razor Blade SmileA-Pix EntertainmentR1998
Re-AnimatorElite EntertainmentNot Rated1985
The ReapingWarner Home VideoR2007
The Reaping Combo DVD and HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2007
The ReptileAnchor BayNot Rated1966
ReptilianColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132000
Resident Evil: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
Rest Stop (Unrated)Warner Home VideoNot Rated2006
Rest Stop: Don't Look Back (Blu-Ray)Warner Home VideoNot Rated2008
The Return of the Living DeadMGM Studios DVDR1985
The Return of the VampireColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1944
Return to House on Haunted Hill HD-DVDWarner Home VideoNot Rated2007
Return To House On Haunted Hill (Unrated)Warner Home VideoNot Rated2007
RevampedMTI Home VideoR2007
Revenge in the House of Usher (Neurosis)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1985
The Revenge of FrankensteinColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1958
Stephen King's Riding the BulletLions GateR2004
The Rites of Frankenstein (The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein/La Maldición de Frankenstein)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1972
RitualDimension FilmsR2001
RodentzArtisan Home EntertainmentR2003
Room 6Anchor BayNot Rated2006
Rosemary's BabyParamount StudiosR1968
Rose RedLions GatePG-132002
The Ruins (Blu-Ray)DreamWorksNot Rated2008
The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus (La Mano de un hombre muerto)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1962
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the SeaImage EntertainmentR1976
Sanitarium (aka Diagnosis)MTI Home VideoNot Rated2000
Santo and the Blue Demon vs Dr. Frankenstein (Santo y Blue Demon contra el Doctor Frankenstein)Rise Above EntertainmentNot Rated1974
SasquatchColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
Sasquatch Horror Triple FeatureRetromediaNot Rated1954, 1977
Sasquatch Hunters (aka Primeval)Sony Picture ClassicsR2004
Satanico PandemoniumMondo MacabroNot Rated1973
Satan's Blood (Escalofrío)Mondo MacabroNot Rated1977
Scalps: 20th Anniversary Deluxe EditionRetromediaNot Rated1983
ScarecrowsMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1988
Scary True Stories: Ten Haunting Tales from the Japanese UndergroundDark Sky FilmsNot Rated1991-1992
SchizoImage EntertainmentR1976
Seed of ChuckyUniversal Studios Home VideoNot Rated2004
The Shaft (aka Down)Artisan Home EntertainmentR2001
Shark Attack 2Trimark PicturesR2000
Shaun of the DeadUniversal Studios Home VideoR2004
She CreatureColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
SheenaColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1984
The Shining: Two-Disc Special EditionWarner Home VideoR1980
The ShiningWarner Home VideoR1980
The Shining HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1980
ShockAnchor BayNot Rated1977
Shock WavesBlue UndergroundR1977
ShroomsMagnoliaNot Rated2007
Sick NursesMagnoliaNot Rated2007
The Silence of the Lambs: SEMGM Studios DVDR1991
Silent PredatorsArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1999
The SisterhoodImage EntertainmentR2004
Sister SisterAnchor BayR1987
Slaughterhouse of the Rising SunVelocity Home EntertainmentR2004
Slaughter of the Vampires (La Strage dei vampiri/Curse of the Blood-Ghouls)RetromediaNot Rated1962
SlayerAnchor BayNot Rated2006
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage WastelandAnchor BayR1989
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy CampersAnchor BayR1988
Sleepy Hollow HD-DVDParamount Home VideoR1999
Small Gauge TraumaSynapse FilmsNot Rated1997-2004
Snake People (Isle of the Snake People)Eclectic DVDNot Rated1968
Snake Woman's CurseSynapse FilmsNot Rated1968
Sometimes They Come Back...For MoreTrimark Home EntertainmentR1998
SorumTartan VideoNot Rated2001
Soul SurvivorsArtisan Home EntertainmentR2001
Spirits of the Dead (Histoires extraordinaires)Home Vision EntertainmentNot Rated1968
StacySynapse FilmsNot Rated2001
The Stepford Wives SEAnchor BayPG1974
Stephen King's Graveyard ShiftParamount StudiosR1990
StillwaterSynapse FilmsNot Rated2003
Stephen King's Storm of the CenturyTrimark PicturesPG-131999
Strait-JacketColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1963
Strange BehaviorSynapse FilmsR1981
Strange Frequency 2Paramount StudiosR2001
Sublime (Unrated)Warner Home VideoNot Rated2006
Summer of FearArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-131978
Swamp ThingMGM Studios DVDPG1982
The SwarmWarner Home VideoNot Rated1978
SyngenorSynapse FilmsR1990
A Tale of Two SistersTartan VideoNot Rated2004
Tales from the Darkside: The MovieParamount StudiosR1990
Tales of TerrorMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1962
A Taste of BloodImage EntertainmentNot Rated1967
Taste the Blood of DraculaWarner Home VideoR1970
Teenage CavemanColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
Tenderness Of The WolvesAnchor BayNot Rated1973
Terror Is a ManWellspringNot Rated1959
Terror of Frankenstein (aka Victor Frankenstein)WellspringNot Rated1976
Terror TrainFox Home EntertainmentR1980
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Platinum SeriesNew Line Home CinemaR2003
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Ultimate Edition)Dark Sky FilmsR1974
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2MGM Studios DVDR1986
Alien Dead: 25th Anniversary EditionRetromediaNot Rated1980
The Amityville HorrorMGM Studios DVDR2005
The Amityville Horror CollectionMGM Studios DVDR1979/1982/1983
Theater of BloodMGM Studios DVDR1973
The Beast Must Die: The Amicus CollectionDark Sky FilmsNot Rated1974
The Blood Rose (La Rose Ecorch?e)Mondo MacabroNot Rated1970
The Butterfly EffectNew Line Home CinemaR2004
The ChokeVelocity Home EntertainmentR2005
Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Dead 2: Special Divimax EditionAnchor BayNot Rated1987
The Flesh EatersDark Sky FilmsNot Rated1964
The GrudgeSony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132004
The HazingMTI Home VideoR2004
The Hills Have Eyes: Unrated20th Century FoxNot Rated2006
The Host (Gwoemul)MagnoliaR2006
The KissColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1988
The MarshSony Picture ClassicsR2006
The MessengersSony Picture ClassicsPG-132007
The Nameless (Los Sin nombre)Miramax PicturesR1999
The Omen20th Century FoxR2006
The Omen: Collector's Edition20th Century FoxR1976
There's Nothing Out ThereImage EntertainmentNot Rated1990
The Ring Two (Unrated Edition)DreamWorksNot Rated2005
The Rockville SlayerFreestyleR2004
The SickhouseNew Line Home CinemaNot Rated2007
The Skeleton KeyUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132005
The Tooth FairyAnchor BayNot Rated2005
The WoodsSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2005
They CrawlLions GateR2001
ThinnerArtisan Home EntertainmentR1996
ThirstSynapse FilmsR1979
Thir13en GhostsWarner Home VideoR2001
Tombs of the Blind Dead / Return of the Blind DeadAnchor BayNot Rated1971, 1973
The TommyknockersTrimark Home EntertainmentNot Rated1993
The Toolbox MurdersBlue UndergroundNot Rated1977
Torture GardenSony Pictures Home EntertainmentNot Rated1967
Tower Of EvilElite EntertainmentR1972
Tremors 3: Back To PerfectionUniversal Studios Home VideoPG2001
Trilogy of Terror: Special EditionDark Sky FilmsNot Rated1975
TrucksTrimark PicturesR1998
Twilight Zone: The Movie HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG1983
Twitch Of The Death Nerve (A Bay of Blood)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1971
Two Evil Eyes: Limited EditionBlue UndergroundNot Rated1990
UnderworldColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
Underworld (Unrated Extended Cut)Columbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated2003
Underworld: EvolutionSony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2006
The Val Lewton CollectionWarner Home VideoNot Rated1942-1946
VampAnchor BayR1986
Vampire ObsessionSeduction CinemaNot Rated2002
Vampires: The TurningSony Picture ClassicsR2005
Vampire's KissMGM Studios DVDR1989
Vampires: Los MuertosColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2002
The Vampires Night Orgy (La Orgia Nocturna de los Vampiros)Eclectic DVDNot Rated1972
VampyrThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1932
Vampyros LesbosImage EntertainmentNot Rated1971
VenomousFox Home EntertainmentPG-132001
ViciousMTI Home VideoR2003
VideodromeThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1983
Village of the Damned / Children of the DamnedWarner Home VideoNot Rated1960/1963
Vincent Price: MGM Scream Legends CollectionMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1962-2007
The VineyardAnchor BayR1989
A Virgin Among the Living DeadImage EntertainmentNot Rated1973
The VisitationFox Home EntertainmentPG-132005
Voices from BeyondImage EntertainmentNot Rated1990
Voodoo Island / The Four Skulls of Jonathan DrakeMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1957/1959
Drive-In Discs Volume Two: The Wasp Woman/The Giant Gila MonsterElite EntertainmentNot Rated1960
The Watcher in the WoodsAnchor BayPG1980
Watchers & Watchers IIArtisan Home EntertainmentR1988/1990
Wax MaskImage EntertainmentNot Rated1997
Waxwork & Waxwork II: Lost in TimeArtisan Home EntertainmentR1988/1991
Waxworks (Das Wachfigurenkabinett)Kino on VideoNot Rated1924
WebsImage EntertainmentR2003
WendigoArtisan Home EntertainmentR2001
Wes Craven's Invitation to HellArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated1984
Wes Craven's New NightmareNew Line Home CinemaR1994
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (SE)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1962
A Whisper in the DarkNo Shame FilmsNot Rated1976
White NoiseUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132005
Who Can Kill a Child? (¿Quien puede matar a un niño?)Dark Sky FilmsNot Rated1976
WillardNew Line Home CinemaPG-132003
Wishmaster: The Prophecy FulfilledArtisan Home EntertainmentR2002
The WitchesAnchor BayNot Rated1966
Witchfinder GeneralMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1968
The Wolf Man: The Legacy CollectionUniversal Studios Home VideoNot Rated1935-1946
Wrong TurnFox Home EntertainmentR2003
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End20th Century FoxNot Rated2007
Xtro/Xtro IIImage EntertainmentR1983, 1992
Zombie Chronicles: 3-DSlingshot DVDNot Rated2001
Zombie Doomshock-o-ramaNot Rated1999
Zombie LakeImage EntertainmentNot Rated1980
Zombie Strippers (R-rated Special Edition)Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2008

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