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Latest DVD Reviews Genre: sci-fi



The great Louis Malle's most fasinating, spellbinding film finally gets it's due via this wonderful Blu-ray release from The Crierion Collection. I can't wait to see what an amazing job they've done with this one.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - July 7, 2011, 12:05 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: bizarre, bewitching, daydream



This is a promising-looking homage to old-school sci-fi movies, with an interesting cast to boot.


Posted by: Chuck Aliaga - September 7, 2009, 2:28 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: flying saucer, one-eyed monster



The title might make you assume the worst, but this low-budget horror trip is a solid little movie that's worth a glance.


Posted by: Matt Serafini - April 20, 2009, 7:05 pm - DVD Review
Keywords: aliens, horror, carlos bernard, 24, ben rock, monster movie, tony almeida

DVD Archive Reviews Genre: sci-fi

Reviews by Genre: sci-fi
214 sci-fi Reviews
2001 A Space Odyssey HD-DVDWarner Home VideoG1968
2001: A Space OdysseyWarner Home VideoG1968
5ive Days To MidnightLions GateNot Rated2004
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension: SEMGM Studios DVDPG1984
Aeon FluxParamount Home VideoPG-132005
Aeon Flux HD-DVDParamount Home VideoPG-132005
A.I. Artificial IntelligenceDreamWorksPG-132001
The Alien Quadrilogy: AlienFox Home EntertainmentR1979
Alien Hunter: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2003
Alien NationFox Home EntertainmentR1988
Alien Nation: Ultimate Movie CollectionFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1994-1997
The Alien Quadrilogy: Alien 3Fox Home EntertainmentR1992
Alien Quadrilogy: Bonus DiscFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated2003
The Alien Quadrilogy: Alien ResurrectionFox Home EntertainmentR1997
The Alien Quadrilogy: AliensFox Home EntertainmentR1986
Alien vs. PredatorFox Home EntertainmentPG-132004
The Alligator PeopleFox Home EntertainmentNot Rated1959
AscensionFilm ThreatNot Rated2000
Astro ZombiesImage EntertainmentNot Rated1969
Battle for the Planet of the ApesFox Home EntertainmentG1973
The Beast from 20,000 FathomsWarner Home VideoNot Rated1953
Beginning of the EndImage EntertainmentNot Rated1957
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (The Boys from Brooklyn)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1952
Beneath the Planet of the ApesFox Home EntertainmentG1970
The Black ScorpionWarner Home VideoNot Rated1957
Blade Runner: Five-Disc Complete Collector's Edition HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1982/1992/2007
The BlobThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1958
The BlobColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1988
The Brain from Planet ArousImage EntertainmentNot Rated1958
CasshernDreamWorksNot Rated2004
The CaveSony Pictures Home EntertainmentPG-132005
Cherry 2000MGM Studios DVDPG-131987
Frank Herbert's Children of DuneArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2003
Children of MenUniversal Studios Home VideoR2006
Close Encounters of the Third KindColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1977
Code 46MGM Studios DVDR2004
CommunionElite EntertainmentR1989
The Complete Matrix Trilogy HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR1999-2003
Conquest of SpaceParamount StudiosNot Rated1955
Conquest of the Planet of the ApesFox Home EntertainmentPG1972
The Cosmic ManImage EntertainmentNot Rated1959
The Crawling Eye (The Trollenberg Terror)Image EntertainmentNot Rated1958
Cult Camp Classics 1: Sci-Fi Thrillers (The Giant Behemoth/Queen Of Outer Space/Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman)Warner Home VideoNot Rated1958-1959
CypherMiramax PicturesR2002
Dark City: Director's CutNew Line Home CinemaNot Rated1998
Darkman TrilogyUniversal Studios Home VideoR1990-1995
The Day After TomorrowFox Home EntertainmentPG-132004
The Day the Earth Caught FireAnchor BayNot Rated1961
Deadly ScavengersEclectic DVDNot Rated2001
Destination MoonImage EntertainmentNot Rated1950
Destroy All MonstersADV FilmsG1971
Die You Zombie Bastards!Image EntertainmentNot Rated2005
Doctor Who: The Key To Time—The Complete AdventureWarner Home VideoNot Rated1979
Donnie DarkoFox Home EntertainmentR2001
Donnie Darko: The Director's CutFox Home EntertainmentR2004
DragonflyUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132002
DreamlandImage EntertainmentNot Rated2007
Dream Master: The Erotic InvaderArtisan Home EntertainmentR1996
Frank Herbert's Dune: Director's CutArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2001
Dune: Extended EditionUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-131984
Earth vs. the Flying SaucersColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1956
Empire of the AntsMGM Studios DVDPG1977
Enemy MineFox Home EntertainmentPG-131985
EpochStudio Home EntertainmentPG-132001
Escape from the Planet of the ApesFox Home EntertainmentG1972
Event Horizon (Blu-Ray)Paramount Home VideoR1997
Event Horizon: Special Collector's EditionParamount Home VideoR1997
The ExperimentColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
The Fifth Element (Superbit)Columbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131997
Firestarter 2: RekindledUSA Home VideoNot Rated2002
H.G. Wells' First Men in the MoonColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1964
First Men in the MoonColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1964
Flight to MarsImage EntertainmentNot Rated1951
The Flying SaucerImage EntertainmentNot Rated1950
Food of the GodsMGM Studios DVDPG1976
Forbidden Planet HD-DVDWarner Home VideoG1956
FortressArtisan Home EntertainmentR1992
FortressArtisan Home EntertainmentR1992
The Fountain Combo DVD and HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG-132006
Four Sided TriangleAnchor BayNot Rated1953
Frank Herbert's DuneArtisan Home EntertainmentNot Rated2000
FrequencyNew Line Home CinemaPG-132000
Gamera 2: Attack of LegionADV FilmsNot Rated1996
Gamera: Guardian of the UniverseADV FilmsNot Rated1995
Gamera 3: Revenge of IrisADV FilmsNot Rated1999
Gattaca (Superbit)Columbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131997
Godzilla 2000Columbia TriStar Home VideoPG1999
Godzilla Raids AgainClassic MediaNot Rated1955, 1959
The Handmaid's TaleMGM Studios DVDR1990
H.G. Wells—Things to ComeImage EntertainmentNot Rated1936
Highlander 2 (Special Edition)Lions GateR1991
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyTouchstone Home VideoPG2005
Hollow Man 2Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentR2006
Hollow Man: Director's CutSony Pictures Home EntertainmentNot Rated2000
The Illustrated ManWarner Home VideoPG1969
I Married a Monster from Outer SpaceParamount StudiosNot Rated1958
Immortal (Blu-ray)First LookR2004
Invaders From Mars: SEImage EntertainmentNot Rated1953
Invasion of Astro-MonsterClassic MediaNot Rated1965-70
I, RobotFox Home EntertainmentPG-132004
I, Robot: All-Access Collector's Edition20th Century FoxPG-132004
It Came From Beneath the SeaColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1955
It Came From Outer SpaceUniversal Studios Home VideoNot Rated1953
It! The Terror From Beyond SpaceMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1958
I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.RykodiscNot Rated1982
Journey to the Center of the EarthFox Home EntertainmentG1959
Kronos: Ravager of PlanetsImage EntertainmentNot Rated1957
La Jetee/Sans SoleilThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1962/1983
Lathe of HeavenA&E Home VideoNot Rated2001
Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's WarNew Line Home CinemaPG-131996
Lost ContinentImage EntertainmentNot Rated1951
Lost in SpaceNew Line Home CinemaPG-131998
The Lost WorldImage EntertainmentNot Rated1925
Mad Max: SEMGM Studios DVDR1980
The Man Who Fell to EarthThe Criterion CollectionNot Rated1976
The Man Who Fell to Earth (Blu-ray)The Criterion CollectionR1976
The Martian ChroniclesMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1980
The Matrix ReloadedWarner Home VideoR2003
The Matrix RevolutionsWarner Home VideoR2003
Men In Black: Deluxe EditionColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131997
Monarch of the MoonImage EntertainmentNot Rated2006
Monster from Green HellImage EntertainmentNot Rated1956
Mothra vs. GodzillaClassic MediaNot Rated1964
Next HD-DVDParamount Home VideoPG-132007
Nude on the MoonImage EntertainmentNot Rated1960
The Omega ManWarner Home VideoPG1971
The Omega Man HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG1971
The OneColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132001
Organizm (Living Hell)Image EntertainmentR2007
OuterworldImage EntertainmentPG1987
Parasite EveADV FilmsNot Rated1997
The Philadelphia ExperimentAnchor BayPG1984
Planet of the ApesFox Home EntertainmentG1968
Planet of the Apes (2001)Fox Home EntertainmentPG-132001
Planet of the ApesFox Home EntertainmentPG-132001
Planet of the Apes 35th Anniversary EditionFox Home EntertainmentG1968
Planet of the Apes: The Legacy Collection20th Century FoxNot Rated1968-1998
Predator 2: SEFox Home EntertainmentR1990
Predator: Collector's EditionFox Home EntertainmentR1987
PrimerNew Line Home CinemaPG-132004
Quatermass 2Anchor BayNot Rated1957
Quest for FireFox Home EntertainmentR1981
RoboCop: Prime Directives, Part 1—Dark JusticeLions GateNot Rated2000
Robot MonsterImage EntertainmentNot Rated1953
Robot StoriesKino on VideoNot Rated2003
The 6th Day: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-132000
Saturn 3Pioneer EntertainmentR1980
A Scanner Darkly HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2006
ScannersMGM Studios DVDR1980
SerenityUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132005
Serenity: Collector's EditionUniversal Studios Home VideoPG-132005
Silent RunningUniversal Studios Home VideoG1971
Silent RunningImage EntertainmentG1971
SolarisFox Home EntertainmentPG-132002
Space Cowboys HD-DVDWarner Home VideoPG-132000
Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden ZoneColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG1983
Star CrystalAnchor BayR1985
Stargate: SEArtisan Home EntertainmentPG-131994
Starship Troopers (Superbit)Columbia TriStar Home VideoR1997
Starship Troopers: SEColumbia TriStar Home VideoR1997
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the FederationColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2004
Star Trek: First Contact (Special Collector's Edition)Paramount StudiosPG-131996
Star Trek: Generations (Special Collector's Edition)Paramount StudiosPG1994
Star Trek: Insurrection (Special Collector's Edition)Paramount StudiosPG1998
Star Trek: NemesisParamount StudiosPG-132002
Star Trek: Nemesis (Special Collector's Edition)Paramount Home VideoPG-132002
Star Trek—The Motion Picture (DE)Paramount StudiosPG1979
Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanParamount StudiosPG1982
Star Wars: Episode IIIóRevenge of the Sith20th Century FoxPG-132005
Star Wars: Clone Wars (Blu-ray)Warner Home VideoPG2008
Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the ClonesFox Home EntertainmentPG2002
Strange InvadersMGM Studios DVDPG1983
SubteranoLions GateR2000
Sunshine20th Century FoxPG-132007
Super InframanImage EntertainmentNot Rated1975
SupernovaMGM Studios DVDR2000
Swamp ThingMGM Studios DVDPG1982
Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom MenaceFox Home EntertainmentPG1999
Teenagers From Outer SpaceImage EntertainmentNot Rated1959
The 10th VictimAnchor BayNot Rated1965
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines HD-DVDWarner Home VideoR2003
The Terminator: SEMGM Studios DVDR1984
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Ultimate EditionArtisan Home EntertainmentR1991
The Chronicles of RiddickUniversal Studios Home VideoNot Rated2004
The CoreParamount StudiosPG-132003
The Day It Came To EarthImage EntertainmentPG1977
The Day The Earth Stood StillFox Home EntertainmentG1951
The Day the World EndedColumbia TriStar Home VideoR2001
The Fifth Element: Ultimate EditionColumbia TriStar Home VideoPG-131997
The Film Crew: Killers From SpaceShout FactoryNot Rated2007
The InvasionWarner Home VideoPG-132007
The Thing From Another WorldWarner Home VideoNot Rated1951
THX 1138: The George Lucas Director's Cut (2-Disc Special Edition)Warner Home VideoR1971
Time After TimeWarner Home VideoPG1979
The Time MachineDreamWorksPG-132002
Total Recall: SEArtisan Home EntertainmentR1990
Transformers (Blu-ray)Paramount Home VideoPG-132007
20 Million Miles to EarthColumbia TriStar Home VideoNot Rated1957
2001: A Space OdysseyWarner Home VideoG1968
The Ultimate Matrix CollectionWarner Home VideoR1999-2003
The Ultimate Matrix Collection (Blu-ray)Warner Home VideoR1999 - 2003
Ultraman Gaia: The Battle in HyperspaceImage EntertainmentNot Rated1999
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea / Fantastic VoyageFox Home EntertainmentPG1961/1966
The War of the Worlds (1953)Paramount Home VideoG1953
When Worlds CollideParamount StudiosG1951
Wing CommanderFox Home EntertainmentPG-131999
XchangeTrimark PicturesR2000
The X-Files: Fight the FutureFox Home EntertainmentPG-131998
"X" The Man with the X-Ray EyesMGM Studios DVDNot Rated1963
X-MenFox Home EntertainmentPG-132000
X The UnknownAnchor BayNot Rated1956
XtroImage EntertainmentR1983
ZardozFox Home EntertainmentR1974

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