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Quickband presents
Circuit 1:7 (2000)

"We get along super-well. We may not actually have a conversation with each other for a week, but we get along."
- Issac (Modest Mouse)

Review By: Joel Cunningham   
Published: September 28, 2000

Stars: Fu Manchu, Ween, Modest Mouse
Other Stars: MYNCI, Gorky's Aygotic
Director: Various

Manufacturer: WAMO
MPAA Rating: Not Rated for (some language)
Run Time: 02h:15m:00s
Release Date: September 12, 2000
UPC: 085393724429
Genre: compilation

Image Transfer
Audio Transfer
B- BB-B- C+

DVD Review

This disc pretty much follows the established Circuit pattern. Areas are divided into several major sections—Bandwith, Breakthrough, Front Row, and Undercurrent. In each section, several bands are presented. Each is provided with a text bio, a video segment, and a behind-the-scenes segment. The selection on this disc is quite varied, and I found most of it to be at least somewhat interesting. But then, I DO work for an independent format radio station.

Section 1: Bandwidth

BT: This guy has done soundtracks for major films like Go and Twister, and his techno-inspiried work presented here is pretty catchy. A high-quality video for his song Never Gonna Come Back Down is offered, as well as the making-of for the video.

Fu Manchu: The segment for these artists is pretty weak. There is only a video segment of a live performance at the House of Blues of their song Over the Edge. The video quality was ok for a taped performance, but the song wasn't the best. The band sounded very bland and derivative - sort of like Nirvana-lite.

Ween: This band is known for being a bit eccentric, so I was a bit surprised by the rather bland song presented here. The video segment features the two members sitting on a bridge (or something) playing acoustically. The audio and video are pretty good here also, but I would've liked to have seen a more professional job (a one point a dog bark interrupts the segment). The song itself is rather bland, but not bad for those who like folkish acoustic stuff.

Victoria Williams: This was my favorite segment in this section. While Williams voice may take some getting used to, her acoustic performance of Gladys and Lucy highlights her quirky lyrics and adorable stage presence. Just a fun segment.

Section 2: Breakthrough

Beachwood Sparks: This is the only band represented in this section, but they are given pretty extensive coverage. The five-minute interview segment shows that this band is about as spaced out as their Beatle-esque pop would suggest. Two live performances are provided, for Sister Rose and Canyon Ride. Both songs are very poppy and upbeat and a lot of fun. I assume they were featured here because they are starting to become more popular. It is easy to see why!

Section 3: Front Row

The Apples in Stereo: I love this band, so I was really looking forward to this section. I was not disappointed. This Brian Wilson inspired group is represented by a humorous interview segment and a live performance of their song Stream Running Over. If you like '60s Beach Boys stuff, check them out.

Gorky's Zygotic MYNCI: This group is represented by a video interview (where they explain just what the band name means) and a performance of their song Poodle Rockin'. Unfortunately, the song isn't as fun as the names. I found them to be rather interesting and unusual, but not really all that sonically pleasing. Maybe more song and less talk would have helped me to appreciate the group's obvious odd style.

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise: I enjoyed this series of interviews and songs quite a bit. Bradley, a former street performer, is an interesting guy, and his mix of soul, gospel, and R&B is quite nice. A performance of You and Me is provided.

Modest Mouse: Ah, my precious mice - I have seen MM live, and they truly rock in concert, so it was nice to se one of their performances highlighted on the disc. 3rd Planet is here, and it is one of their better songs. They are difficult to describe, but they sound a bit like early Sonic Youth. Most rock/alternative fans should enjoy this song. The interview segment here is especially funny, at least to me. These guys are really accessable—they don't seem likes the elitists many indie bands do.

Section 4: Undercurrent

Negativland: This band is really weird! They like to form what they call "sound collages," using clips from pop music, radio ads, and TV to create musical montages, which some liken to copyright infringement and they liken to creation of art. Their songs are certainly unusual—they mix quirky lyrics with very complex background tracks to create a totally original musical experience. I can't say I enjoyed it, but it certainly was different. Their songs Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song and Metaloop are included, as well as an interview segment.

Rating for Style: B-
Rating for Substance: B


Image Transfer

Aspect Ratio1.33:1 - Full Frame1.85:1 - Widescreen
Original Aspect Ratioyesyes

Image Transfer Review: The image quality varies quite a bit here. Most segments were shot on standard video, and they are fuzzy and very soft looking. The actual music video portions look great, and some are in widescreen (but non-anamorphic). Overall, the segments are watchable, but some are pretty poor, the Modest Mouse segment in particular.

Image Transfer Grade: B-


Audio Transfer

 LanguageRemote Access
Dolby Digital

Audio Transfer Review: The audio is presented totally in 5.1 sound. It works well during interview segments, but the live performances are odd. It seems that the same audio is coming out of every channel. Still, it does make the mix sound a bit better than flat stereo would of. Nothing amazing, but then the live performances were of varying quality anyway.

Audio Transfer Grade: B-


Disc Extras

Full Motion menu with music
Music/Song Access with 13 cues
Cast and Crew Biographies
2 Other Trailer(s) featuring Ready to Rumble, Any Given Sunday
Packaging: Snapper
Picture Disc
1 Disc
1-Sided disc(s)
Layers: single

Extra Extras:
  1. Trivia Game
Extras Review: Extras here are light, but there is so much provided on the bands that is doesn't really matter. The animated menus are great (and amusing), but sitting through them every time gets annoying, and you can skip the intro with the menu button either. Two theatrical trailers (Ready to Rumble and Any Given Sunday) are provided, as well as a trivia game. Winning this gets you a special video segment. Overall, a decent package for a disc that is already packed with info.

Extras Grade: C+


Final Comments

There is some good stuff here - I was especially happy to see mostly indie artists like Modest Mouse on the disc. However, as music is totally subjective, check out the list to decide if the disc is for you. Just know the quality (audio, video, and variety) is there.


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