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Report: Teenagers enjoy hot cars, sexy actors

by Joel Cunningham

Movie succeeds despite a total lack of knife-wielding murderers, musicals set in high schools, and 3-D animation.

I remember being shocked when The Fast and The Furious turned out to be a huge hit nearly a decade ago. Despite the fact that I was technically still a teenager at the time, I failed to realize that nothing draws the younger set to theaters quite as much as a movie that lets them imagine being able to drive really fast while looking at a pretty boy like Paul Walker or a pretty girl like Jordana Brewster. The movie went on to make $45 million over three days.

Now, the fourth-quel, Fast & Furious, reuniting the entire cast of part one (the epic saga is complete!), is poised to cross the finish line on Sunday with over $70 million in the tank, proving that the rise of global warming hasn't made souped up muscle cars any less popular with teenagers.

Now if someone could only somehow combine cars with clean cut high school kids singing and dancing, the box office charts would explode.